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At the Reproductive Medicine Group in Tampa, Florida, we understand that affording fertility treatments is important to our patients.  Florida Fertility .com’s receives these questions daily:

  • What is the cost of IUI?
  • How much do fertility treatments cost?
  • What is the cost of IVF?
  • How can I pay for fertility treatments?
  • Will my insurance cover my fertility treatments or IVF?

Therefore, our fertility clinic provides information about:


How do most patients pay for fertility treatments or cost of IVF?

Patients who seek IUI, IVF, or fertility testing and evaluation follow these steps:

  1. The new patient schedules an initial consultation.   7 out of 10 new patients have coverage for a consultation with a fertility doctor. Out of pocket costs can be determined by type of new patient visit, so call the office directly for cost estimates.   All testing requirements are reviewed and priced for each patient.
  2. Complete fertility testing for both partners (if male/female). Many patients also have coverage for fertility testing through their insurance. If they do not have fertility testing benefits, the cost for a Semen Analysis for the man is $130. The cost of female fertility testing is specific to each patient, depending on the tests that she needs.
  3. After the patient/couple finishes testing, the fertility doctor at The Reproductive Medicine Group works with them to create a plan of fertility treatment. Each plan will be different because each patient or couple has a unique fertility problem.
  4. Next, their plan of fertility treatment is estimated. A financial counselor at The Reproductive Medicine Group (located at our main North Tampa, Florida location) carefully reviews each patient’s coverage and benefits. The insurance plan pays for all services that are covered by their benefits.   The counselor estimates expected out-of-pocket costs, copays, or deductibles at each step of the process.
  5. Once a patient/couple receives their out-of-pocket cost of fertility treatments, they can decide on finance options. Sometimes, patients take out secured loans on their retirement accounts or homes. What The Reproductive Medicine Group can provide is a list of companies that provide fertility loans for IVF and other treatments.
Florida Fertility Institute IVF Costs

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