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Insurance Plans

To assist in affording fertility treatment, The Reproductive Medicine Group accepts most insurance plans.  Approximately 75% of patients have some type of fertility benefit coverage.  The Reproductive Medicine Group is distinguished as a Center of Excellence by United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, and BlueCross/Blue Shield.  This exclusive designation allows patients to receive maximum benefits at lower costs and is awarded based on outstanding pregnancy rates achieved through single embryo transfer.

Affording Fertility Treatment - Insurance Accepted

Generous Cash Pay Discount Packages

A variety of cash pay discount programs exist for patients who lack insurance coverage.  The Reproductive Medicine’s Group offers prices that are extremely competitive and below national average in cost.


Financing Available

Multiple financial partner options are available for our patients to seek fertility financing.  The Reproductive Medicine Group works with several lenders to give our patients options and the most competitive rates.

ARC® Fertility Refund Program

ARC® Fertility Refund Program

The Reproductive Medicine Group is proud to partner with ARC Fertility (ARC) to provide you with affordable treatment packages, financing programs, and convenient pharmacy plans.


Split Donor Discount IVF Program

For qualified patients, such as male infertility factor or tubal factor infertility, The Reproductive Medicine Group offers a substantial discount on IVF to women who share half of their retrieved eggs with another woman who needs to use donor egg to become a parent.