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The Reproductive Medicine Group’s egg donor program now offers a donor egg bank option.

The Reproductive Medicine Group is excited to announce their new partnership with Fairfax EggBank. This creates another option for intended parents who need to use an egg donor. Fairfax EggBank provides the frozen (cryopreserved) eggs, while The Reproductive Medicine Group provides the thawing, fertilization, and transfer of the embryos created from the donated frozen eggs.

Donor Egg Banks Offer Ready to Use Frozen Eggs

A donor egg bank is an option offered by fertility clinics.

Intended parents can purchase a set number of frozen eggs from a list of screened and qualified egg donors.  Once the recipient patient completes her testing, she can immediately use the donor eggs via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).  In many cases, the intended parent experiences a faster process using a donor egg bank.

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Egg Donation Screening Process with a Donor Egg Bank


Like the other donor egg options offered, Fairfax EggBank screens their donors thoroughly.  Screening includes:

  • age, height & weight criteria
  • general, reproductive, and psychological health
  • genetic history

How a Donor Egg Bank Works

Fairfax Eggbank Offers:

  • Egg donor selection that is extensive
  • 6-8 mature donor eggs (a cohort)
  • Donor eggs that are on-demand (ready when you need them)
  • Guarantees that are the strongest in the donor egg market

Donor Egg Selection Process:

  1. Create a free, full-access  account on https://www.fairfaxeggbank.com/donor-search/ .  Filter by numerous physical and other characteristics, and save your favorite profiles of potential donors.
  2. Secure your cohort of donor eggs.
  3. Worth with your RMG third party (donor) team to facilitate the receipt of your donor eggs.

Additional Donor Egg Resources:

In addition to obtaining frozen eggs from a donor egg bank, The Reproductive Medicine Group has a very active donor egg program.  The special services coordinator matches patients with young egg donors by physical appearance and other characteristics, and recruits and screens egg donors carefully.