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For Patients Experiencing Cancer Who Wish to Preserve Their Fertility Prior To Treatment

At RMG, we understand that experiencing a cancer diagnosis is stressful and emotionally difficult.  When you must also consider preserving your fertility prior to cancer treatment, it is important to have a medical partner who can help you quickly and put you at ease.  We offer cancer patients immediate assistance and make them a top priority.  Within a few weeks, patients will feel secure knowing that their future fertility is preserved and can move on to overcoming their cancer diagnosis.

You can trust RMG to expedite the fertility preservation process as much as possible for those patients who are preparing for cancer treatment.

Sperm Freezing for Male Patients (Sperm Cryopreservation)

Steps for Sperm Freezing Prior to Cancer Treatment:

    1. Consultation with RMG Physician –
      • At the appointment, the doctor will go over the risks and concerns that will happen or the patient may have ways to use the specimen in the future (IVF, IUI)
      • Informed consent-risks with freezing
      • Any questions the patient may have
      • The doctor will order labs and semen analysis (sperm testing) and freeze
      • May recommend additional steps if needed
    2. Sperm Testing and Freezing Scheduled –
      • Labs are required by the FDA and will be needed by the Cryobank and future reproductive center for the patient
    3. Patient’s Frozen Sperm Sent to Long Term Storage (Fairfax) –
      • Fairfax will store the frozen sperm as long as needed and can ship internationally to any fertility clinic
      • Patient will need to set up an account with Fairfax

Time Frame:  Completion within 1-2 weeks

Cost:  Please call our Revenue Cycle Manager at 813-914-7304 x2251

Who to call to schedule sperm freezing prior to cancer treatment:  Laboratory Manager – 813-914-7304 x1267

Egg Freezing for Female Patients

Steps for Egg Freezing Prior to Cancer Treatment:

    1. Patient has consultation with RMG physician for Egg Freezing. At that appointment the physician will review:
      • The steps of the process for freezing eggs prior to cancer treatment
      • Ways to use the frozen eggs in the future (IVF – in vitro fertilization)
      • Informed consent to review risks with freezing
      • Any questions or concerns the patient may have
      • The doctor will order labs and other needed testing
    2. Ovarian stimulation (via medication) for 1.5 to 2 weeks
    3. Egg Retrieval (outpatient procedure)
    4. Eggs are frozen & stored for later use in a long-term storage facility
    5. When ready to use, eggs are thawed and used via IVF (in vitro fertilization)

Time Frame:  Completion within 3-4 weeks

Cost:  Please call the Revenue Cycle Manager at 813-914-7304 x2251

Who to call to schedule egg freezing prior to cancer treatment:
ART Nurse Manager – 813-914-7304 x1242

Sperm Cryopreservation at Reproductive Medicine Group - Tampa, FL