Florida Fertility Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
“I knew when Dr. Yeko looked at me and said, give me a year and I will get you pregnant, that I was finally at the right place.”


Monique came to The Reproductive Medicine Group after many years of trying to conceive.  When Monique finally was able to able to get pregnant, she suffered recurrent pregnancy loss, otherwise known as recurrent miscarriage.

After a several years of trying and a year at her regular doctor treating her with a common infertility medication, Monique thought she would never be able to realize her dream of becoming a mother.  When she was just about to give up, a friend told her about The Reproductive Medicine Group in Tampa.

Monique at first thought that maybe the cost of infertility treatment would be too expensive, but her friend assured her it was not.  So Monique took a leap of faith and called, making an appointment with Dr. Yeko.

When she made the appointment at the Brandon location, she was still worried about cost of fertility treatments, but the office staff assured her that a billing specialist from the Tampa office would call before her appointment to help her understand her fertility benefits.  Just a few days before her first appointment, Monique received a wonderful phone call, and she felt it was a sign that she was doing the right thing.  Her fertility insurance coverage was one of the best plans possible.

One of the financial counselors from The Reproductive Medicine Group told her that she was covered for ALL infertility services at 100 percent after her regular deductible was met.  She was shocked and thrilled, and it made her even more excited to come to her first consultation.  Her insurance was through her husband, a manager at a national restaurant chain.

At her first consultation, she didn’t know what to expect.  She immediately felt at ease with Dr. Yeko.  “He just seemed so calming and kind,” she said.  Dr. Yeko reviewed her history and ordered some testing.  She also remembers he looked at her in the eyes and said “I may find things and tell you things that are difficult for you to hear, but I will always be honest with you.”  Monique felt assured and went ahead with her fertility testing.

After her initial testing was completed, Monique returned to hear her fertility treatment options.  Dr. Yeko reviewed her chances using different infertility treatments, which included her odds of conception using IUI (intrauterine insemination) vs. IVF (in vitro fertilization).   The cost of IVF was essentially covered by her deductible, and after a year of fertility medication and miscarriages she was ready to move to a fertility treatment that Dr. Yeko felt would offer her the best chance of conception.  The cost of IUI was inexpensive, but in her specific case offered a low chance of success.

Together, Dr. Yeko and Monique decided that IVF would be her best option.  Monique moved forward with the process of IVF.  Monique used the support of her faith and her husband to stay strong through the IVF process.

Thankfully, Monique became pregnant on her first IVF cycle.  She now has a beautiful daughter, and is one of The Reproductive Medicine Group’s Miracle Mom Mentors, who helps other women through their infertility process and fertility treatment.