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Semen Analysis Collection Information

The Reproductive Medicine Group is pleased to offer semen analysis and sperm counts for patients at its four convenient locations throughout the Tampa Bay area.

We are happy to perform testing for patients who have a physician prescription. The fee is $140 for the sperm analysis and $88 for a post vasectomy sperm count.
For infertility related testing:
Instructions for Scheduling an Appointment for a Semen Analysis For post vasectomy patients:

Your physician will give you specific instructions on how long after your procedure you should wait before this testing is performed.

Please refrain from intercourse, masturbation or other sexual activity that results in ejaculation for a minimum of 2 days, and a maximum not to exceed 5 days prior to your appointment.

Scheduling appointments:

Please call one of the offices listed on the reverse side of the instruction form to schedule your appointment. You will need your insurance information available at the time you call to schedule your appointment.

In-Office Semen Analysis Collection Information and Instructions

It is preferred that specimens be collected at our office where collection facilities are available. However, you may collect the specimen at home in a sterile container, if it can be transported to our office within one hour (60 minutes) of collection. Results will be mailed to your physician within one week.

Please remember you must bring with you the written prescription from the physician ordering this test. For identification purposes, a picture ID, whether you will be collecting the specimen at our office or dropping it off for analysis, is required. To minimize waiting time, visits without appointments are discouraged.

  1. Collect the specimen by masturbating into a sterile container. Use no lubricants.
  2. Be sure the entire specimen is collected, from beginning to end of ejaculation.
  3. If you are collecting at home, the specimen must arrive at the office within one hour (60 minutes) of collection time. Be sure to keep it close to body temperature by placing it in your shirt pocket or wrapping it in a towel. Do not expose it to extreme temperatures such as air conditioning or heater vents.
  4. Your results will be available from your referring physician in 7-10 business days.
  5. Please contact your physician to obtain your results.

To download and print the above Instructions for Scheduling an Appointment for a Semen Analysis, please follow this link.

Patient Instructions for Off Premises Laboratory Semen Analysis Collection

  1. Please refrain from intercourse, masturbation, or other sexual activity that results in ejaculation for minimum of 2 days and a maximum (not to exceed) 5 days before your appointment to collect your sample.
  2. Please label the specimen container with the name of the patient collecting the specimen; if name is different from partner’s please also include her name.
  3. Prior to collection by masturbation, thoroughly wash hands and genitals (front to back) with soap and water. Rinse away all soap and residue and dry. Remember that the laboratory must receive a non-contaminated specimen, so take care to avoid touching the tip of the penis and do not touch the anal area.
  4. Do not use a standard (over the counter) condom for collection. A collection condom obtained from our office may be used. Do not use creams or lubricants during collection.
  5. Ejaculate one time only directly into the container and avoid touching the internal sterile wall of the container. It is very important that the entire ejaculate be collected in the container.
  6. To ensure a lab tech is available to process your specimen, we recommend that you schedule an appointment before bringing in your specimen.
  7. The laboratory must receive the specimen within 60 minutes of collection. After collection keep the sample container inside your shirt or wrap with a towel to avoid exposure to extreme heat or cold. Be sure the cap of the container is secure and maintain the container in the upright position.
  8. A copy of the male patient’s photo identification (driver’s license) must accompany specimen, along with this form. This is required for identification/signature verification purposes.